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What is custom software development?

Software is the backbone of business, whether it be desktop, web (yes, websites are software too!) or mobile apps, software plays an important roles in our businesses. What happens when software doesnt meet our requirement? You can start your own software development projec and et everything you need from software! Custom software development is the process in which you develop your own software package.

Custom software development could be as simple as a customised calculator right up to an ongoing Enterprise Resource Planning project. The size of any software project is entirely dependant on the need and budget.

Why custom software development?

You may have looked high and low for a software solutions that fits your needs but you have a unique requirement. Sometimes you need an edge in business and developing your own custom software is the answer. This menas you get the flexibility to define your own requirements and have your software project perform exactly the way you want. A good software developer or software development company can take your requirements and put them into a practical and useful asset for your business.

What services do you offer?

When you have a requirement for a customised software package, your developer needs to understand your business as well as your requirements. No two software development projects are the same so we take the time to understand your requirements and goals to ensure the best outcome for the project.

Skynett has the skills to provide a complete turn key solution for your Software Development project. Based in Adelaide, we work accross Australia and provide skills in the following areas:

Full stack web development

From the front end development HTML, Javascip and JQuery to the backend nuts and bolts in PHP we have the expertise to bring your software project to life.

Hosting + Security

We can build custom AWS, LAMP, dedicated servers that provide fast, reliable and secure hositing solutions for your softwae development project.


We build databases to suit any number of applications from small MySQL projects to large, multi-database and distributed servers. Setup, optimiziation and maintenance.

Beyond Wordpress

We provide solutions where Wordpress has become the limiting factor in your software app.

Android and iOS Apps

Need to go beyond a web app? We can provide total solutions for app development on both Android and Apple devices.

Ongoing maintenance

Software development projects are living things and need to be maintained. We provide ongoing services to ensure your software is up to date.


We are a web development company based in Adelaide Australia providing software development solutions for businesses Australia wide. We focus on delivering quality solutions for business on time and on budget.

Our approach is develop your project with your goals in mind. We have developed small projects right up to large on-going projects that ave grown with the client. Software engineering is a our strenght and we aim to bring this to each and every project we undertake.

Skynett specialises in web development and can bring projects to life using HTML, PHP, Javascript, JQuery and MySQL databases. We have extensive expereince in front end (web site) development and also back end development (the coding that makes things happen). We can also provide AWS server setup and hosting for your development project. Software needsa good hosting environment and we provide fats servers with 99.9% uptime.

Skynett is committed to providing start to finishing, turn key solutions for business across Australia when it comes to custom software development projects.

We focus on your requirements and layout a roadmap so your development project delivers what your need.

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